There is only one right answer to that question… hell yeah!

These four men on Easter Sunday raped and sodomized a 9 year-old girl while her mother was in the garage getting hyped on meth. The mother should be charged at the very least with reckless endangerment of the child.
They took her in the bedroom and took turns. They told the child that if she told anyone they would kill her. She told her mother the next day who went to the police.
All four are now in custody. This child will never be the same and all because her mother wanted to get high and didn’t care where she took her daughter or who was left alone with her.

From I Have The Truth:
Ok, I should NOT have to ask this question? Worse yet – there should NOT be ANYONE who thinks these men deserve anything less than prison, let alone the death penalty.
This young child is scarred for life – emotionally and physically! She will NEVER be the same innocent child. These scumbags have robbed that innocence from her.
They are worse than fleas on dogs! These are some SICK dudes to say the least!

Four men were booked into jail on felony charges after they allegedly raped a 9-year-old girl while her mother was smoking methamphetamine in a garage with a friend.

According to a statement of probable cause filed March 30, the alleged assault occurred Easter Sunday at a home in Vernal.

Larson James RonDeau, 36, one of the four alleged rapists who was identified by the victim from a photograph, was taken into custody.

The other three men, as well as Glynda RonDeau, had traveled to Montana for personal business and the RonDeau wasn’t sure when they would return. They were caught soon enough. They were not bright enough to evade the authorities for long.

At some point, police caught up with the other three suspects, identified as 20 year-old Josiah RonDeau, 29 year-old Jerry Flatlip and 26 year-old Randall Flatlip.

All four alleged rapists have since been booked into jail on felony charges after officers executed a search warrant of the home and located evidence relating to the sexual assault, such as bloodstained bedding, as well as marijuana and drug paraphernalia. All are charged with multiple felonies dealing with the rape of a child.

The child has since been removed from her mother’s custody. In this instance, that is definitely the right thing to do. The mother had been in prison before and lost custody then too. Let’s hope this time it is permanent.

I doubt these men will get the death penalty for this, but in a just world, they would be executed. Hopefully, in prison, they will get the justice each of them has coming.


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