Man Watches Stranger Walk With Little Girl–But When She Mouths 2 Words, He Jumps To Action

Nazier Elahee is being hailed a hero by local residents after he foiled a man’s attempt to kidnap an 11-year-old girl near the Gold Manor Community Center.

The attempted kidnapping happened across the street from the Golf Manor Police Department on Saturday at the 6400 block of Wiehe Road. Officials say Elahee’s quick thinking may have saved the girl’s life.

The entire incident was captured on surveillance video. The video was later released to the public by the Hamilton County Jail.

Elahee says the incident happened when he walking down Wiehe Road. He says he noticed something odd. There was a man, who was later identified as Jessie Woodard Jr, 37, pulling a young girl by the arm. “I didn’t know what was going on, I just know the situation didn’t look right,” Elahee told Fox 19.

Elahee says although the girl made no sound, she mouthed the words “help me” several times. He says he was certain that the girl was being held against her will.

“He walked right past me pulling the girl by her wrists. She didn’t look like she wanted to go with him.”

The videotape shows Elahee immediately springing to action. He approached the due and asked the girl if she was okay. “I asked her if she knew him (Woodard), and she told me no.”

Elahee says after the girl told him she didn’t know Woodward, he asked him what was going on. “He told me that he was taking the girl home.”

Since the police department is directly across the street, Elahee gave them a call and a description of Woodard.

Elahee says Woodard took off running, and he chased him to the local Zee Food Mart until the police showed up. Elahee and the girl identified Woodard as the person who was attempting to kidnap her.

Woodard was arrested without incident and charged with kidnapping. He is being held in the Hamilton County Jail without bond.


Police say the girl may have been coaxed away from the facility by Woodard.

“I just knew something was going on. I felt like if he had gotten this girl off somewhere he could have raped her or killed her. I’m just glad I was able to be there and intervene and keep the girl safe until the cops got there,” said Elahee.

The police echo the sentiments of Elahee. An unnamed spokesperson from the Hamilton County Jail praised Elahee for his quick thinking.

“Unfortunately, there are a lot of predators out there who want to prey on children. We ask the people in the community to be vigilant like Mr. Elahee,” said the spokesperson.

There was no news on Woodard’s court date.



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